Is My Dog a Long & Lean?

These breeds have Long & Lean sizes that have been specifically created for their breed & breed-type and generally do best in a Long & Lean size unless they are particularly deep-chested or carrying extra weight.
·         Miniature Dachshunds
·         Italian Greyhound
·         Whippet
·         Greyhound
·         Ibizan Hound
·         Pharaoh Hound
·         Galgo
·         Podengo
·         Saluki
·         Scottish Deerhound
·         Afghan Hound
·         Bedlington Terrier
·         Chinese Crested
These breeds sometimes fit a Long & Lean – Feel free to contact us if you are unsure! These breeds and mixes can vary in type and sometimes will fit into a Long & Lean sizing if they are on the smaller side of the chest and neck.
·         Doodles
·         Potcakes
·         Border Collies
·         Rhodesian Ridgeback
·         Setters
·         Havanese
·         Coton De Tulear
·         Papillon
·         Yorkie Mix
Breeds that usually DON’T need a Long & lean. These breeds often have a thicker neck and chest and muscular shoulders. The Long & Lean style of coat is often too tight and narrow for these breeds.
·         Vizsla
·         Weimaraner
·         Doberman
·         Corgi
·         Standard Dachshunds
·         Basset Hound
·         Shih-Tzu