2 Levels Dog Puzzle Toys, Slow Feeder Dog Bowls for Small/Medium/Large Dogs, Interactive Dog Toys for Boredom, IQ Training & Mental Stimulation for Dogs, Help Dogs Develop Good Eating Habits-Orange

62.99 CAD

🧡【2 Levels Dog Puzzle】Puzzle toy that can improve pets intelligence and boost their brain power. Food such as dog kibble can be put into these boxes, and you can change the difficulty of gameplay according to the dog’s intelligence and training effect. (Our accompanying video will show how to train your dog to use this 2 Levels puzzle toy.) The dog treat puzzle has 3 food obtaining methods: rotating, food dispensing, and flipping the lid.

🧡【The Scientific Slow Food Function】Rapid eating is not good for your dog’s digestion and health. The large capacity top transparent granary, dog has to spin the transparent lid on top to fill the barn. This design can effectively slow down the dog’s eating speed and correct the bad habit of eating too fast. Increase the time and difficulty for your dog to get food, avoid indigestion, reduce gastrointestinal pressure, and make your dog healthier. Great for large and small dogs.

🧡【Non-slip and thickening design】In order to prevent the dog from knocking the dog puzzle toys over or sliding around in playing, it adopts the thickening design with 4 non-slip pads to the bottom of the toy so that the dog enrichment toys can be firmly attracted onto the plane, making it more stable in use and will not leave any stickiness traces once being moved. Most dog food puzzles can be placed on flat surfaces, such as the floor of the room, the living room, etc.

🧡【Food-Safe Materials】Dog puzzle toys are made of food-grade PP without any Bisphenol A,PVC,Phthalates,which completely protects your dog’s health.The treat puzzle game for dogs is very strong and durable,resistant to bite and scratch.Dogs love to use their sense of smell and paw skills to find hidden food,The dogs are rewarded by flipping and spinning the transparent lid to get the food, which will keep your dog focused and mentally stimulated while searching and sniffing out the tasty treats.

🧡【Adjustable food dispensing holes】Each food dispensing hole has a regulator. We can use it to close one or two food dispensing holes to increase the difficulty for dogs to get food. We can also control the speed of the leakage by adjusting the size of the food dispensing hole. This design can increase the difficulty of a dog‘s intelligence training. After a long period of training like this, the dog will become smarter and more stable in character and mood.

🧡【Buy No Worry & Dishwasher Safe】Pikabiu offers 30-day FREE return policy and 12-month replacement guarantee. Any questions, please feel free to contact us by Amazon We will respond to you and solve your issue within 24hrs. Note: The transparent parts and non-slip pads of this product may be damaged or deformed by hot water. Please use the low-temperature mode of the dishwasher to clean this part. With a total of 1 rotate box, 1 adjustable allocation hole and 8 detachable flipping-lid boxes.