6-Speed Pet Nail Grinder with 2 LED Lights for Large Medium Small Puppy Dogs/Cats, Professional 3 Ports Rechargeable Electric Dog Nail Trimmer with Dust Cap(Blue)

49.99 CAD

6 adjustable speed(7000-12000RPM), user-friendly to both experienced and novice user: Casfuy dog nail grinder Offers six adjustable grinding speeds. Turn off the nail grinder using power switch directly to ensure your preferred speed are saved and ready for future use.

3 grinding ports to groom with precision and ease: Casfuy dog nail trimmer has 3 ports. Small port is specifically designed for small pets, medium one is for medium-sized ones, and unprotected nail grinder works best with larger dogs’ nails.

2 built-in LED lights, avoid over-trimming: 2 LED lights of Casfuy pet nail grinder give clarity to the grooming session, helping you find the quick and avoid hurting pets. It can be easily recharged with AC adapter, laptop, or other power source. It lasts up to 4 hours on a full charge.

Low vibration, gentle and quiet: Comes with advanced diamond bit, Casfuy quiet nail grinder delivers low vibration, making it a gentle and quiet grooming tool that dogs of all sizes can enjoy, offering your pet a comfortable and stress-free grooming experience.

Removable plastic sheath makes cleanup easier: A removable plastic sheath fits around the grinding bit of Casfuy dog nail grinder, allowing you to easily collect and dispose of nail dust and debris while groom. The tidiness resulting from the sheath is a solid bonus.