Baltic Elements Amber Dog Collar, Amber Collar for Dogs and Cats Made of 100% Natural Raw Amber Beads with Adjustable Genuine Leather Belt

54.90 CAD

EFFECTIVE ORGANIC DOG & CAT PROTECTION – our stunning amber dog collar was carefully created to provide unmatched natural protection for your dogs and cats and bring anti-inflammatory properties to their bodies.

RAW EFFICIENCY. When it comes to efficient natural remedies for dogs, raw amber is the real deal. That is why “Baltic Elements” amber collar for dogs and cats are handcrafted exclusively from premium quality, super-efficient raw amber beads.

ALL SIZES AVAILABLE. Raw amber collars for dogs and cats are crafted in different sizes to be worn by pets of different breeds and age (note: measure your pet’s neck carefully and choose the right size from the get go!).

DETAILED CRAFTSMANSHIP. 1) Baltic amber gems are carefully selected to match in size and shape 2) The string is sturdy, ensuring the product’s durability, but it is also flexible enough to ensure comfort 3) The beads are securely knotted, so there’s no risk of scattering 4) The leather strap is easy to clean.

WHY “BALTIC ELEMENTS”. We put our heart and soul into authentic amber craftsmanship, so that compassionate people can reconnect with nature and enjoy all the good that is hidden in amber.