Dog Ear Muffs for Noise Protection, Noise Cancelling Headphones for Dogs, 25dB NRR Dog Earmuffs, Dog Ear Plugs for Hearing Protection from Thunder, Fireworks, Vacuums (Camouflage)

60.89 CAD

🐶Dogs Professional Design:Geezo dog ear protection to reduce noises such as thunder, fireworks, vacuum cleaners, plane, helicopter, motorcycle, and others. Dog noise cancelling are recommended by trainers and vets.

🐶Why Use Earmuffs for Dogs? – The structure of a dog’s ear is very different from that of a human’s. While humans can hear sound frequencies between 20Hz and 20,000Hz, dogs can hear frequencies between 15Hz and 50,000Hz, a much broader range. Therefore, dogs are much more sensitive to noise than humans. Protecting your dog’s ears is more important than you may realize.

🐶Relieve Pet Anxiety : Does your dog sometimes get overly excited and then appear lethargic? This may be caused by noise. Our dog earmuffs are made of high-density soundproof cotton, and the adjustable elastic band has a wide range of adjustments. The part that contacts your dog’s body is made of soft materials, ensuring your dog can wear it comfortably.

🐶Dog ear protection for noise are designed with wide and soft foam to filled ear seals for the maximum comfort. Dog hearing protection will make your dog fell comfy and cozy. Reduce stress and pain.

🧡Money Back Guarantee: you can return dog ear plugs for hearing protection if you are not satisfied for any reason.