Dog Toy Puzzle Feeder

58.79 CAD

Nail File Toy: Scratching pad on top of toy is perfect for filing dog’s nails while keeping him entertained and engaged. Fun+easy dog claw care! Excellent pet nail filer gift for both you and your dog

Independent/Simple: This Patented dog nail scratch pad toy makes dog nail care easy “set it and forget it.” After some playful training, simply fill the toy with treats and let him dig in.

Puzzle Feeder: Stimulates dog’s brain and slows down his eating allowing for better digestion while using the dog nail file board scratch pad on top. Puzzle feeder and dog filer for nails all in one!

Magical File Paper: Made with self healing file paper. Scratch marks will disappear after 24 hours. File paper will be like new again! Superior scratch pads for even those digger dogs. Best dog file!

Pain/Stress Free: No more painful over clipping or burning from grinding. Your dog will stop scratching the dog nail filer toy when he senses his nails are short enough. Painless dog Scratcher.