Dog Toys – Selection of Rope, Rubber, Squeaky and Chew Toys – Dozen-Pack of Toys for All Dog Sizes + 1 Pair of Grooming Gloves

60.00 CAD

ARE THESE TOYS INDESTRUCTIBLE? Of course not. We’d rather our toys get destroyed than your dear dog’s teeth; after all, what kind of accomplishment is it if they can’t tear it apart?! But don’t worry, the toys are made to withstand a good deal of abuse.

TOYS WITH PURPOSES: Collection of different types of toys for physical and mental activities, interaction between dogs and their humans, dental hygiene, and feeding.

BONUS GROOMING GLOVES: Don’t just throw a toy at your dog and expect them to sit there all day long; hug them, kiss them, caress them, and enjoy a cleaner home thanks to these hair collecting gloves.