Open Top Cat Litter Box with Litter Scoop is Designed to Offer Cats Plenty of Room and Quick Accessibility (M, White)

53.99 CAD

With cat litter shovel: Durable and long lasting ABS plastic. A cat litter scoop is given to make cleaning easier.

Large Size&Safety: 20 x 14.9 x9.8 inches. All materials tested using stringent international safety standards

Open Top Litter Box: Current research suggests that closed cat litter boxes accumulate and spread odors that may overly offend a cat’s sensitive sense of smell. This large cat litter pan provides ample space for cats to do their business comfortably.

Do not ride or sit on the product,or use for other containing.Do not move it with a pet in.Make sure to hold the bottom pan when moving.

Just for pets: Wooruy makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats! This product is a cat litter box.please don’t use for other purposes.