Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills with 4.5LB Crystal Cat Litter Compatible with Pet Safe Scoop Free Automatic Cat Litter Box (Beige) – Fits All 1st and 2nd Gen

59.99 CAD

It’s an exact fit, measuring exactly like the OEM litter trays to prevent leaks, odors, and other litter box mishaps. Comes with a lid flap.

FITS ALL 1ST AND 2ND GENERATION LITTER BOXES – Compatibility is almost universal for Self-Cleaning Machines, including the 1st and 2nd generation litter boxes and the newer smart version. There’s no need for adjustments. This plastic tray works and fits like the original.

COST-EFFECTIVE LITTER TRAY – Are you still using disposable litter box refills? Save money and the environment with this reusable replacement Self-Cleaning litter box refill. One tray can outlast dozens of disposable litter trays. Thick, durable, and dependable, this one is built to last!

STAIN AND STINK RESISTANT – It’s easy to maintain this beige plastic cat litter tray’s brand new shine with its scratch-resistant surface. The smooth surface also allows you to wipe away dirt easily and resists urine stains. Not only that, but the litter tray also prevents odor from lingering.

CURVED CORNERS AND RAISED BARRIER FOR EASY CLEANING – The curved inner corners ensure that litter won’t get caught or dry up in difficult-to-reach areas. This removes the need for extra cleaning time and effort. A raised curved barrier at one end contains odor and litter to prevent leaks.